FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Q: What will you see when you first come to Infusion?

A: Infusion is a large building painted Grey and Black with large modern signage, so you can easily find us. You will enter through the white Upvc front door that has a black door frame, numbered Infusion 22-24 on the door. Once inside you will be in a porch way for your discretion so you are not waiting on the street, (CCTV in operation in this area) from here you will ring a bell for attention, you will then be allowed into Infusion.

Once inside you will be greeted and asked to fill in a membership form (If you have not already downloaded and completed) and pay the required fee, from here you are now in Infusion.

Q: Why should I choose Infusion over other swinger clubs?

A: What other Swingers club is run and owned by swingers, offers such vast facilities, continues to improve and is in the heart of a thriving party town. Infusion is just minutes walk away from the heart of Blackpool. there is many attractions including a famous funfair called the Pleasure beach-Where we have a ride named after us 'Infusion'-Why don't you decide which ride is best :) There are numerous pubs, hotels and guesthouses within walking distance. The beach is just 400 yards away. We feel that your visit to Infusion in Blackpool will offer you the full package for getting away from it all and letting your hair down and having fun!

Q: How busy do we get?

A: Infusion is a popular and thriving club; we have many regular customers who attend and lots of new people joining all the time. One of our busiest nights for example we have had over 200 people. As we do not require people to book in advance we never know how busy we will be on any night. Please don’t contact us asking how busy we will be, as this changes by the minute.

Q: Don't believe all you hear?

A: Infusion is an ever-growing club and we will continue to expand and offer our customers what they want. Not to name 'names' but other club owners have took the liberty to spread various rumors. They are obviously jealous and worried about us being their competitors having to resort to lies; this is clearly an act of desperation (Need we say more!) Why not come and try for yourselves and make your own mind up :)

Q) Should I stay at a swinger hotel, is it not cheaper?

A) If staying in a hotel its likely you will be in a position were you will not click with any of the other residents, therefore you may find this limiting. Whereas at Infusion, it’s a non pressurised atmosphere with a wider range of people attending, thus the probability of having fun is much higher. Also why pay for inflated alcohol prices when you can bring your own alcohol.

Q: What do I need to join?

A: You will be required to produce ID which could be a current passport, driver’s license to prove your over 18 years of age and who you are. If your lucky enough to look under 21, you will be asked to proof age. You will then be given a membership card, which states your name and membership no.

Q: It is our first ever visit to a swingers club, what should we expect? 

A: New members please come early if you want to be shown around.You will see people socialising as you would a normal club, enjoying the evening. We recommend that you try to mingle with others to make the most of your experience, this does not mean you have to do anything, but you may make new friends and maybe at a later date when visiting again venture further. Of course you may feel totally comfortable and indulge in the offerings for that night, just go at the pace that suits you.

Q: As a first timer to Infusion what might we want to bring?

1)Alcohol (if you drink)
2)Mints as chewing gum is NOT allowed
3)Sexy Underwear
4)Towel Hire £2 (welcome to bring your own)
5)Cigarettes & Lighter (if you smoke)
6)Footwear such as sandals ideal for smoking area
7)Cash for entry/membership/drinks
8)Toys (can be purchased)
9)Deodorant/personal hygiene items

Q: Do I have to swing in the club?

A:There is no pressure to swing its entirely up to you. Some people just come to chat and enjoy the company of like-minded people in a relaxed atmosphere; other people like to use the private rooms, group rooms, and be exhibitionists or just to be voyeuristic.  “No” means “NO”, if you are in a situation where you do not feel comfortable do not feel that you are pressured into doing something just say “No thank you”. Likewise if someone says “No” to you do not take it to heart everybody has different attractions. If anybody is found to disrespectful of ones wishes they will be asked to leave the club

Q: Why are there no bed sheets?

A: All our beds are covered in PVC for cleanliness, disinfected every night. Bed sheets harbour germs and become soiled during the evening, even after being washed bed sheets become stained and look unsightly. Tip: use your towel whilst lying on the bed for extra comfort.

Q) Does Infusion have working girls or use them for special events?

A) NO.

Q) What are the ages of people attending?

A) We have a totally mixed age range of customers from 18 - 70s. However, the average age range would be around mid 30s. Although every night is different some having a younger customer base than others.

Q: If we choose to visit on a mixed night, will we be hassled by single men?

A:  The majority of couples who attend on a mixed night like the attention, nevertheless we want everybody to enjoy themselves so we will limit the number of single men so the club has a happy medium. In the unlikely event that a single male offends you, they will be asked to leave the club. We will also make two of our playrooms ‘Couples Only’ during these nights.

Q: What is the dress code?

A: The dress code is smart casual or dress to impress. As the night progresses most women change into something more sexy while gentlemen wear a towel or their favourite underwear. 

Q: What happens if I leave my belongings?

A: Any lost property found will be kept for 14 days for you to collect or at least notify us what you have left behind.  Any belongings after 14 days will be discarded or given to charity.

Q: Is nudity allowed?

A: Yes nudity is allowed anywhere in the building.

Q: Do i have to be nude or wear a towel?

A: No, it is not necessary, You are more than welcome to stay fully clothed on the ground floor, we also have 3 ground floor playrooms giving the option for those that are not comfortable dressing down. However, the entire first floor is 'dress down', i.e into underwear or towel, since this promotes a sexy atmosphere.

Q: I’m a single male can I just join in?

A: If a couple or a single female wants you to join in they will let you know. Please do not dive straight in thinking you have the right to play. Always ask first if you can join in, otherwise you may upset people. 

Q: Are lockers available?

A: Yes. When signing in you will be issued a key for your own private locker which you can store your valuables and clothes. Your belongings are left at your own risk and Infusion will not be held responsible for misplaced, theft or damage to them.  There is £10 refundable deposit for a locker key.

Q: Do you supply the towels?

A: We charge a nominal £2 for towel hire as we try to reduce our environmental impact.  We do not insist towels are used for dress attire, they are only provided to dry yourself.

Q: Why do we charge for a towel?

A: We charge a nominal fee for towel hire to help save the planet. To reduce our environmental impact we need to lessen the amount of towels washed.  We wash hundreds of towels each week, many are not used and to wash 10 towels uses approximately 60 litres of water per cycle (along with the energy consumption). To help reduce this water usage we are asking all our customers to bring their own towels.  You can of course hire a towel from us for £2.  

Q: What does Infusion do to help the environment?

A: Help save our planet. To all our customers, we thrive to help save the planet at Infusion. We have been using reusable glasses since opening, we also recycle as much plastic as we can and have installed an energy efficient environmental control system for the swimming pool.

We have also tried to reduce our water usage by installing sensor taps and dual flush toilets, to reduce this further we need to lessen the amount of towels washed.  We wash hundreds of towels each week, many are not used and to wash 10 towels uses approximately 60 litres of water per cycle (along with the energy consumption). To help reduce this water usage we are asking all our customers to bring their own towels.  You can of course hire a towel from us for £1.

Q: Do you allow smoking inside?

A: Unfortunately It is a criminal offence if found smoking in any public place that is enclosed-No matter what other clubs say-Your running the risk of being fined!  You can freely go outside and smoke, dressing gowns are available.

Q: Do you allow chewing gum?

A: NO. Chewing gum is not permitted in the club, we do sell mints at the bar or you can bring your own to keep your breath smelling fresh.

Q: Can I use drugs?

A: NO! In the event that any illegal substance is found on ones person/s or their belongings they will be asked to leave and their details be passed on to the local authorities.

Q: Do we give complimentary condoms?

A: Yes we provide complimentary  condoms to our customers. Please don't abuse and only take what you need.

Q: Do you sell alcohol?

A: No, we are not licensed we only sell soft drinks and refreshments, which are available at the poolside bar, just show your locker key number. You are welcome to bring your own alcohol (please bear in mind you may be asked to provide receipts) WE DO NOT ALLOW YOU TO BRING YOUR OWN ALCOHOL FREE DRINKS as we sell alcohol free lager. Please do not pre-mix your drinks beforehand or you will be charged corkage. You will be charged at the end of the night for anything you have purchased. You may bring your own choice of alcohol, which we will keep behind the bar and serve back to you.

Since people are generally barefooted we will serve drinks back to you in plastic glasses. We will NOT allow any kind of glass bottles around the club.

We all get nervous but please refrain from getting drunk, for your own safety and others we will request that you stop drinking and sober up. If  your condition does not improve you will be asked to leave quietly.

Q: If I run out of cigarettes, can I purchase them?

A: No

Q: During my visit, can i leave and come back later?

A: Yes, You can leave the club and return later. All you need to do is pay your tab and leave your locker key at reception. 

Q: Can I record my visit e.g. pictures, camera phone, film etc?

A: If anybody is caught using any kind of recording device you will be asked to leave Infusion immediately. Since this is not fair on other members of the club, as privacy and discretion is paramount within Infusion. 

Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have