A little more about us personally, we are both degree educated, and a genuine swinging couple. We have built Infusion from scratch to what we believe people want from a swingers club by listening to their ideals and suggestions. We would like to remark that we will be continuing to improve Infusion as we have many other ideas and input from customers. We appreciate any sensible ideas and will try our best to implement them to make your experience at Infusion memorable.

A little history of Infusion; the building was once a Bus Depot for Abbots coaches, and then it was converted improperly into a ladies gym which subsequently failed and was left dilapidated. We have since taken ownership of the building, purchasing in 2004. We commenced work converting the building in October 2004; the conversion took until we opened on the 15th July 2005. We had to significantly change the internals of the building, new toilet cubicles, fix the pool, install the spa, create a Sauna and all the other fixtures and fittings including a full electrical rewire, mains fitted smoke alarms, emergency lighting, painting and decorating and much more. We ourselves did most of this work with the help of a certified electrician, and help from family. 

We initially setup Infusion as a non-profitable business but as an addition to our social swinging lifestyle. However, due to the nature of high running costs, extortionate business rates and the other vast setup costs we have had to change our outlook and adapt but still try to keep our admittance costs to the minimum and be competitively priced. For example, where else can you visit for around 8 hours with the use of a swimming pool, spa, sauna, lounge and more for as little as £20? (And you don’t even have to sneak in your own alcohol) 

We have been the sole owners since opening in July 2005, we have done everything you can imagine that is necessary to run a business such as accounts, marketing, stock control, membership, website, cleaning, maintenance, pool testing, reception, bar work, security and much more. So as you can appreciate we are often very busy with work that often never seen by customers. We do however, try to make the effort to socialise when possible and always have time for those who need serving or for anything else to make your visit comfortable.


Chris BSc(Hons) & Shirley BA(Hons)