The first floor is 'dress down', i.e into underwear or towel.

The first floor consists of changing rooms, Shower, Toilets, Dungeon, Loveswing, sex machine, 9 themed playrooms as well as voyeuristic areas and seating.

Each playroom has its own character, each having a large custom-made bed, the orgy room hosting the largest. If for some astonishing reason the beds are not being used to their full potential, then there is under bed heating to warm things up. Each room has individually controlled lighting that can be controlled to suit your preference. Three of the rooms boast TVs playing porn.

Every room has a window to be voyeuristic either to be watched or watch, although it is possible to close the curtains in the rooms for your privacy if you so desire. Each room has a lockable door if you prefer to be in private, except the orgy room which is opened at all times.Two of the playrooms will be made couples only on mixed nights, which will be clear on the outside of the rooms.

There is ambient lighting and music piped throughout the venue delivering a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

Purple Themed Room

This room is completely 'purple' and has a massive two tier comfortable bed with a large cinema tv and lockable door

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White Themed Room

This room is completely 'White' and boasts a TV playing porn, viewing window, lockable door and a huge comfortable bed

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Red Themed Room

This room is completely 'red' and boasts a TV playing porn, viewing window, lockable door and a huge comfortable bed

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Black Themed Room

This room is completely 'black' and has a powerful UV light that you can control, viewing window, lockable door and a huge comfortable bed

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Orgy Room

The orgy room has over 200 square feet of bed space for your pleasure! 

This is always an open room, where anybody can join in, please bear this in mind when using this room. However, Please do not assume that you can play without asking. Remember No means No. 

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Pleasure Zone / Dungeon

This area has a play swing, Open play bed (with a one way viewing window), wall restraint, fetish equipment and a voyeuristic bench that has a sex machine fitted.

Glory Holes

We have 3 interconnecting rooms each with 2 glory holes. Two rooms are identical in size and pitch black. Whereas the third room is larger and has a UV light.

Changing/Toilets/Shower Room

This area has private lockable lockers, which are free to use. You may hire a towel, There is a limited number of towels especially larger sizes so if you prefer feel free to bring your own towels.

There is a mirrored grooming area that has a free hairdryer, so you can freshen your makeup and hair throughout the night.

There is a unisex shower, several toilets and a a mirrored sink area.

Voyeuristic Areas And Seating

If you prefer to watch before joining in the fun or even just relax and take in the atmosphere there are many vantage points where you can. As well as getting away from others for having a private moment where you can chat but still take in the atmosphere.