The ground floor consists of an entrance vestibule, Reception, Swimming pool, Spa, Sauna, Chillout Lounge, Pool table, Podium pole, Dance area, 3 play rooms, Bar area and pool side seating. There is ambient lighting and music piped throughout the venue delivering a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

Heated Indoor Swimming Pool

 (30 feet x 15 feet)

If one of your fantasies is to swim naked in a swimming pool, then you are free to do as you please :) (All chemicals, are monitored daily to keep the pool sanitised). We just ask you to be courteous to others and obey our pool rules. There is a cushioned seating area on one side of the pool, and on the other there are tables and chairs so you can socialise before taking the plunge! We have also put a love bed this area for those relaxing moments.

We have a heating system that keeps the pool hall and swimming pool (15,187 gallons of water) at a constant temperature, so there is no such thing as a winter at Infusion. If you are curious about our heating system the unit is called a Heatstar Andromeda costing in excess of 15k to install. We have a swimming pool reel and cover to allow us to keep the swimming pool at higher temperatures. As you know we are here to stay and always investing in our club and making improvements. 

Scandinavian Sauna

The purpose built Scandinavian sauna will seat 6-8 people comfortably. Relax and unwind, there has never been a better excuse to get naked if you choose to do so.

Deluxe Spa

This is a great place to socialise and can be a great ice breaker, any excuse to get closer. We insist that you DO NOT have any sexual activity in the spa, Since the filtration system in the Spa is smaller than the swimming pool.

Chillout Lounge

Why not relax and unwind in the large chillout room with TV. There is plenty of comfortable seating and a pool table. An ideal way to break the ice might be with a game of pool loser has to act our a forfeit! Or perhaps just sit in the comfortable seats and admire the views :)

Podium Pole & Dancing Area

The podium pole is a great way for those less inhibited people to strut their stuff. Whilst others might choose to dance around the floor, whether it be in sexy clothing or clubbing wear.

To see more please click on the small picture to download/view the podium pole as a short movie

Dark Room (3 Unique playrooms)

The entry to the the ground floor playrooms can be found alongside the swimming pool. The main window has been blacked out stopping any light from entering this room, so you can not see in or out.

The main room is a large open play room which is in complete darkness. 

Also in this area we have a lockable room that can easily accommodate 4 people, this room is again completely dark. The photo below shows the only light from the room through the glory holes. There is also glory holes adjoining the large main room adjacent.

Adjoining the room above we have a glory hole area. For those that are not accustomed to 'glory holes', this is an area where you can be touched (or anything else) without knowing who your being touched by or even who your touching! There is also a restraint with handcuffs.

(Will you be brave enough to see what happens in the Dark Rooms)


This is where you will be greeted and admitted. If you are not an existing member then you will be asked to join as a member. You can fill in your membership form if you have not already done so, or by using the downloadable membership form. We also stock a selection of products to purchase.

 Bar Area

We have a well stocked bar (Not licensed). which is found by the swimming pool. We do not sell alcohol, but will keep your alcohol behind the bar as we do not allow glass bottles around the club. All we ask is that you purchase our soft drinks/mixers and snacks.

Outside Area

Reminder- It is a criminal offence if found smoking in any public place that is enclosed-No matter what other clubs say-Your running the risk of being fined!)